Denise Trager is a ASHA certified and licensed speech & language therapist. She specializes in reading comprehension and language speaking skills. Some of her services include LindaMood-Bell, Phonemic Awareness, Reading Comprehension, Articulation, and Accent Reduction also known as Accent Modification.

If you are looking for a speech pathologist in the Jacksonville FL area, Denise Trager is experienced, patient, caring, and dedicated to the reading and speaking developmental skills for all ages. Linda offers tutoring opportunities for group and individual sessions in corporate environment and works at charter and private schools as well. You can read more about Denise on her Credentials page.

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Denise Trager

Certified, State Licensed, Speech Pathologist -Jacksonville, FL


Denise offers 1 on 1 speech and language services, as well as accent reduction sessions in corporate settings.

Denise Trager

Speech & Language Pathologist



Accent Reduction

Speech Therapist

Speech Pathologist


Reading Comprehension

Selective Mutism